2015 Australian Open Nadal swept away from Uzhny with Berdych to advance to round 1

2015 Australian Open Nadal swept away and swept Uzny with Berdic to advance to the qualifying round
Beijing time on January 19th, the Australian Open 2015 entered its first match day.The No. 3 seed, last year’s runner-up Nadal swept the decline at the beginning of the season, swept the Russian star Youzhny 6-3/6-2/6-2, and achieved a successful start.And the Czech Bertic played the same eye-catching, winning 6-3 / 7-6 (1) / 6-3 against Colombian veteran Farah, and advanced to the second round as expected.In the first round of the Australian Open, Nadal recovered from his injury in the new season. Nadal was out in the first round of the defending game in Doha. His state did not seem to be the best.The Australian Open faced Youzny in the first round. Although the Spaniard had an 11-4 victory over the Spaniard, the Russians are still not to be underestimated.After the start of the game, both sides were a little bit cautious. The first four innings each guaranteed a score of 2-2.Nadal took the lead in the fifth game and got a break as expected. Then the iconic forehand of the consequence resolved the break point and reset the 4-2 lead.The Russian who sent the Love Game recovered a game, and Nadal also won the service game and continued to lead 5-3.Morale frustrated Yuzny’s turnovers at the end of the set increased significantly, and Nadal, who was good at capturing fighters, made another break at the end of the set and took the lead with 6-3.  Nadal, who took advantage of the victory, played a small climax of 12 consecutive goals in the second set, thus achieving a 3-0 lead.After the adjustment of the inter-office break, Uzny’s performance stabilized and Baofa recovered a game.The Spaniard continued to lead 4-1 after winning the serve.Both sides secured their own and Nadal took the lead with 6-2 after making another break at the end of the set.The opening in the third set was a bit dull. Nadal relied on the first mover advantage to take a 2-1 lead into the break.Returning to the arena, Yuzny saved two break points and saved her hair. At one point, her love was looking up.However, at a critical moment, Nadal further improved his state, leading to 4-2 after eight consecutive goals.The Russians initially launched a counterattack, but the powerful Nadal successfully defended his hair and further pulled the score to 6-2.At this point, the game has lost its suspense, and finally Nadal broke again at the end of the set to get a 6-2 start.  Czech veteran Berdych also made an appearance today, his opponent is Colombian left-handed veteran Farah.With a fierce attack on the bottom line, Berdych had a 3-0 lead at the start.Although Farah did not give Berdych any chance in the serve, he faced a strong serve from the Czechs and he did not do much.Berdych, who finally won the serve and won the game, took the lead with 6-3.  The opening scene in the second set was closer, and the score was 3-3 after the first six rounds.Berdych took the lead in the seventh inning to break, but Fara immediately achieved a break, and after the break, he even overtake the score 5-4.The two sides always unanimously terminated the points at the end of the set, and the score can only be determined by a tie-break after a 6-6 tie.In the tie-break, Berdych prevailed in an all-round way and went to the next set 7-1 as expected.Berdych, who was more courageous in the Vietnam War, quickly gained a 4-1 advantage in the third set.Although the tenacious Colombian veteran once chased two games in a row, Bertic, who was obviously dominant in overall strength, continued to overlap at the end of the set and laughed 6-3 to the end.(Benson)