80-year-old Lao Bei open letter farewell Milan full text-thank fans from the bottom of my heart

80-year-old Lao Bei open letter to say goodbye to Milan
On the evening of April 13, Beijing time, the procedures for the acquisition of AC Milan Club by the Chinese consortium were all completed.Rosenelli Sports Investment and Ferning West signed an equity delivery agreement in Italy to acquire AC Milan 99.93% equity.Since then, the era of Berlusconi, who has been in power for 31 years, has finally ended.After resetting the heavy burden of the club, President Bei issued an affectionate and open channel. Thanks to the support of the staff around him for the past years, he will continue to pay attention to the construction and growth of the team as a Milan fan in the future.The full text of Berlusconi’s open letter is as follows: Today, after more than 30 years as the boss and chairman of AC Milan, I left, leaving with anxiety and pain.But I know that modern football needs more investment and resources to maintain the highest competitiveness at the European and world levels, and a single family cannot afford to provide more support.  I will never forget what I gave to Milan and what they brought to everyone.I will not forget everyone, thank them for winning so many (honours) in my years as the club chairman.  First of all, of course, to thank the great coaches and players team, so that these great champions can be achieved, these will last forever in the history of football.It is impossible to say their names one by one. I want to give them a hug.  Similarly, I want to give the management team, coaching staff, administrative department and medical team a hug, they not only play Milan as a team, but also become a model of the football world.Among these people, the first thing I want to mention is Adriano Galliani, our founder and engine of Milan.  In addition to the above, I want to thank the fans who are closely connected to my heart.Millions of fans all over the world poured into the stadium and shouted to cheer on Milan.Although these people are far away from us, everyone is closely connected with the same passion.Without them, Milan will cease to exist.With them, we won everything we could win.Their love for the team has moved thousands of times in my brain and heart, but it is ordinary but touching.  What I want to tell them is that even if I leave here and replace all management tasks, I will be the number one fan of AC Milan.This is a team that my father taught me to love from a young age, and we realized this dream together.  My best wishes are sent to the new leadership of the club. I wish and hope you will complete and surpass what we have already achieved.Further reading: Milan’s new era!Chinese consortium acquires AC Milan Club to complete signing