Skirt Leggings Yoga

Skirt Leggings Yoga

In colorful summer, wearing beautiful skirts, standing by the river in the park, facing the breeze, practicing yoga.

Can you imagine it all being wonderful?

The eyes enjoy the natural verdant green, the breeze lifts the upward skirt, showing its most beautiful side. The skirt yoga allows you to enjoy the peace and relaxation of body and mind brought by yoga anytime, anywhere, and it can better satisfy your desire to lose weightWish for both legs and show legs.

  Asana name: Standing lotus effect: This posture can strengthen the balance of the body. By stretching leg muscles, it can beautify leg lines, visually lengthen leg curves, and effectively treat leg varicose veins, helping you create sexyCharming show legs.

  Decomposition action 1 Slender legs, back straight, hands folded like a lotus on the chest.

  Dismantling action 2 Open both arms, index fingers and thumbs interlock, lift one leg, kick your toes toward the tip of your nose, and stare a little to maintain balance.

  TIPS-supported legs must be tightly tightened, breathing uniformly and slowly at all times.

  Yoga vegetarian: colorful materials: 5 asparagus, 5 corn shoots, half lettuce, virgin fruit, pea, purple cabbage replacement.

  Seasoning: a box of yogurt, granulated sugar content.

  Production: 1.

Pass the asparagus, corn asparagus, and peas in boiling water, remove and place in a dish for later use.


Cut the shredded maiden fruit, lettuce, and purple cabbage into shreds, and top with yogurt and marshmallow.

  Efficacy: This breakthrough can cool down the fire, relieve heat and quench thirst.

Rich dietary fiber and vitamins can eliminate excess impurities and allow you to enjoy the washing and transformation they bring to the body in a colorful visual feast. The mouth is also full of sourness and sweetness. How can you feel unhappy