Did you choose the right makeup remover?


Did you choose the right makeup remover?

Completely removing makeup does not mean that you want to wipe frantically or wash your face with a makeup remover.

First of all, you must choose one that is suitable for you from a wide range of makeup removers. For example, in terms of skin quality, makeup remover or makeup remover is suitable for oily skin.Skin quality, and sensitive skin should pay attention to choosing perfume-free, alcohol-free and colorless products.

  Travel companion: Makeup remover wipes design principle: a makeup remover is added to ordinary wipes, with a little oil, to make it have a strong cleaning power, without the need for extra secondary cleaning.

  Advantages: makeup can be removed at any time, convenient and fast!

  Disadvantages: Compared to cotton pads, the thickness of the wet wipes is harder, which can easily cause friction on the skin.

If the friction is severe, it may even damage the skin and cause obesity caused by redness.

But as long as it is not too rubbing, stay on the skin and wipe it gently, there is no problem.

  Essentials for dry skin: Make-up remover design principle: The perfect ratio of oil content and emulsifier, so that the make-up remover can remove oil with oil without stickiness.

  Advantages: Super moisturizing ability. After removing makeup, the skin feels moist, without stickiness. It can fully integrate with makeup and remove it cleanly.

At the same time with rich skin care ingredients, soft texture, small skin burden, very suitable for dry skin.

  Disadvantages: Creamy makeup removers take a certain amount of time to dissolve makeup, so this point keeps acute women away.

  Lazy people love: Makeup remover design principle: It does not contain oil, but it adds a surfactant in the water to achieve the effect of remover.

  Advantages: It has a refreshing feel like a lotion. When using it, just use a cotton pad to dip the makeup remover like a lotion, and you can remove it with a light swipe. You don’t need to wash with water.Lazy choice.

  Disadvantages: If you use it repeatedly, it will consume a lot of cotton pads, and it may also cause friction and damage to the skin.

  Makeup Choice: Makeup Remover Design Principle: Use the principle of oil to remove oil, decompose the oily ingredients in the makeup, and then remove with clean water.

  Pros: Remover effect is still NO in developing countries.


You can fully dissolve the makeup with oil, and it can remove the most effective makeup against water-resistant makeup or oil subdivision.

  Disadvantages: Of course, some people don’t like the slimy texture of makeup remover oil, or they feel it is very troublesome to rinse repeatedly.

Also avoid drying problems caused by excessive flushing.

  Sensitive skin first choice: Makeup remover design principle: Makeup remover was invented in France.

Because the local water is hard and causes damage to the skin, the makeup remover is soft and moisturizing. With a small amount of oil, it can be easily washed with warm water after removing makeup.

  Advantages: Makeup remover is very soft on the skin, it will not take away the sebum and moisture of the skin, it will only remove the make-up emulsion.

Therefore, its washing power is relatively gentle and stable, and it is gentle and non-irritating to the skin.

  Disadvantages: The cleaning power is relatively weak, and the makeup with oil fractionation is not easy to remove.

  Summer pick: Makeup remover design principle: In addition to the makeup remover, a surfactant is added. The cleansing oil is converted in proportion to be lighter, with a more refreshing feel and less irritation to the skin.

  Advantages: Its moisturizing feel is the biggest feature.

In addition, it has a high moisturizing degree and a refreshing touch after washing.

Especially suitable for oily skin.

  Disadvantages: Because the time to dissolve makeup is shortened, it is easy to cause excessive friction to the skin.