Happy marriage keeps your heart healthy

Happy marriage keeps your heart healthy

Having a healthy heart, in addition to daily diet and health care, a moderate amount of physical exercise, is also closely related to a happy marriage.

A new survey finds that women with happy marriages have a healthy heart.

  Painful marriage puts stress on the heart According to a 10-year survey of 600 Swedish women between the ages of 30 and 65, the happiness of marriage and harmony with their spouses play a positive role in heart health.

The most important finding of the study is that when women do not have a good marriage, the heart can experience appreciable changes. Of course, this kind of non-good marriage includes loneliness and discord with the partner.

  In fact, we already instinctively have some such real connection, because the heart is most conscious of the arrival of love, and the loss of love will “break” the heart.

  ”Women are under stress due to painful marriages and the chances of vasoconstriction increase,” Swedish scientist Kristina Orth-Gomer pointed out at the European Conference on Physiology of Hypertension late last month.

“For women who have a harmonious marriage, atherosclerosis does not exist.

“This study also shows that the heart of lonely women is less able to adapt to changes in pulse frequency, which means they are less resilient to physical stress.

There is also a risk of developing high blood pressure and diabetes.

The latest clinical evidence shows that poor interpersonal relationships or serious feelings of loneliness cause harm to health. Here loneliness refers to the discord of marriage and the lack of friends to talk to.

  As early as last year, experts pointed out that due to stress caused by a painful marriage, the risk of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis is three times higher than normal, and happy marriage prevents the heart from being protected from heart disease.

  Women should take the initiative to prevent happy marriages. For women, the happiness of marriage is not as simple as ordering online or shopping in the mall. It is a real lucky to be able to stay with their life partner, just like winning a jackpot.

Because any happy couple should be able to be considerate, talk to each other, trust each other, avoid mutual suspicion, and have nothing to worry about.

In short, for two independent individuals, to maintain a very vulnerable relationship, this must shoulder the responsibility of being considerate to the other party, which is indispensable, like the tacit understanding when dancing tango.

Once the stress of a painful marriage is eliminated, the heart will return to normal.

  Many women’s marriages are not happy, but they have always maintained this unhealthy relationship for their children. They may also seek a sense of security or create the illusion of a harmonious family life; perhaps there is no courage.Pursuing a new life with strength and violently abandoning it; Maybe there is no passion to go back to dating; Maybe you are afraid of failure and become lonely again, and the changes brought by life can not cope with it.

Many unhappy marriage women always have one reason or another, avoiding their own problems, until the hostess changes one day, cruel reality in front of her eyes, forcing her to face it, how desolate and desolate is the situation at this time.

  There is a lady who has been married for seven years and has two 4 and 6 year old sons.

Her husband has just found a job, insists on further education, and often dances with young male and female students at school after school.

When she raised her objection, she was abused by her husband and told that she had no right to interfere in his life.

The mother was going mad.

  Experts suggest this lady, do not simply tell him what to do, or face the people who are with you all the time, you must not force yourself to run away from home, if you ca n’t solve it, that will only make men do everythingThe price is tough, and you are still waiting silly for him to change his mind.

Take the initiative to change your mind and think calmly about ways to solve problems, such as how to improve and enhance the relationship between husband and wife; force yourself to communicate with your husband calmly, and when anger comes up, you would rather not speak and do n’t let out hurt and talk angry.

  More importantly, when you are angry, when you are noisy and overwhelmed, your heart is physically and psychologically damaged.

  Of course, for a happy marriage, everyone feels different, and fortunate and unfortunate marriages are not a problem that can be improved overnight.

But for women, it is important to have a positive attitude towards life, learn to deal with contradictions, take the initiative to face problems, and always pay attention to our physical and mental health. If we cannot control marriage, at least we canResponsible for heart health.