Haidu football baby beautiful staged 24-year-old Guo Jingjing favorite German captain Ram

“Haidu football baby” beautiful staged 24-year-old Guo Jingjing favorite German captain Ram
Minnan News June 17 “The German team’s first game against Portugal, I said that the German chariot will be able to crush everything, including Ronaldo!”The beautiful clothing store owner Guo Jingjing is a fan of the German team. She likes captain Ram most.”The German team has discipline like steel, and I will cheer for them!With the gradual opening of the World Cup events, the “Haidu Football Baby” event co-sponsored by Haidu Newspaper and 183 Art has gradually entered the best.Haidu Daily’s “World Cup Special Issue” has published beautiful jade photos of Quancheng football babies; the off-site registration situation continues to be hot, attracting crazy fans of Quancheng white-collar workers and school girls.Huang Defang, the art director of 183, the organizer of the event, said that football not only requires men to be passionate, but the hot and beautiful football baby is also a dazzling scenery inside and outside the stadium.As long as you are at least 16 years old, as long as you love football and life, don’t skimp on your youth and beauty, join us now!  According to the requirements of this event, the beauties who signed up for “Haidu Football Baby” will follow Sina Weibo “@铭模坊潮女孩” from now on, and add 183 art work QQ, adding “name + age + occupation + height + weight”+Sanwei+hobbies+contact information” and other relevant information sent to the organizer, and attached a photo of life, it is possible to become Haidu newspaper 32 “haidu football baby”, representing 32 teams, blooming outside the greeneryYour beauty and sexiness.  The 32 football baby selection rules are evaluated according to the comprehensive qualities of image, temperament, dance, etc., and are published in the Straits Metropolis Daily Minnan World Cup special issue, Sina Weibo “@铭模坊潮女孩”, and the netizens forward the vote to judge “”Best Popular Football Baby” and other awards.  (海都记者 庄奕烨)报名热线:0595-22536920QQ(微信):2411462848新浪微博:@铭模坊潮女郎本期海都足球宝贝姓名:郭晶晶身高:168cm年龄:24岁星座:金牛座职业:服装店私营店主喜爱的球队球星:德国拉姆摄影师:洪锦耀 万俊炜彩绘插画师:袁丽