Denied strong rubbing of scenic spots but shareholders lined up to reduce their holdings

Denied “strong rubbing of scenic spots” but shareholders lined up to reduce their holdings
The constant war of “demon stock” Souda (002503) ushered in the second daily limit in two days on March 11.On March 10th, Soyut’s daily limit was closed at 5.01 yuan / share.Today, the final reporter issued a report, searched for the daily limit, quoted 4.51 yuan / share, temporary transaction 6.6.8 billion yuan, the latest total market value of 13.9 billion yuan.According to public information, Soyut is a major military “trend front” brand youth casual apparel product design and sales company, but currently the stock has become one of the most popular “mask concept stocks” this year.On February 12, Search Yute issued an announcement. The company’s board of directors agreed to invest in the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary, Dongguan Soute Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. The scope of business (to be planned) includes research and development, production, and sales: medical and health masks, protective clothingGauze, non-woven fabrics, general labor insurance products, hygiene products, paper products.Oriental Wealth data shows that in the 10 trading days from February 25 to March 9, Sohuite once walked out of the eight daily limit, during which the largest increase gradually reached 129%.Soaring ahead in advance, Soyut continued on the interactive platform, “The company is actively preparing for the production of masks and protective clothing, and it is expected to be successfully put into production in mid-March.”Dongguan Soyute Medical Products Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, is currently actively preparing for the preparation of melt-blown fabrics. Currently, for the production of emergency masks, the market mainly purchases melt-blown fabrics for the time being.”On March 4, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a follow-up letter to Soute, asking the company to indicate whether there is an” interactive easy “platform to cater to market hot spots and affect the company’s feasibility.On March 10, the company responded to the letter of concern, saying that there is no use of interactive platforms to cater to attractions, influence, and positive.In addition, the company announced that Guangzhou High-tech Zone Investment Group, a shareholder holding more than 5% of the shares, plans to reduce its holdings of 60 million shares of the company through the Shenzhen Stock Exchange block trading system, accounting for 1% of the company’s total shares.94%.Democracy, Soyute has issued an announcement that on March 3, its shareholder Jiaxing Yuxuan Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership) reduced its holdings of 30.5 million shares through the Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s block transactions, accounting for 0% of Soyote’s total share capital.99%.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang Zeyan editor Wang Yu proofreading reporter reporter Wei Zhang: zhangzeyan @